Company profile


Spot Pharmaceuticals and Medical Equipments Distributor was stablished in 2012. The foundershad more than five years of experience in the medical equipment field and the company is divided in to two sections, while one is engaged in importation and distribution of medical instruments from international suppliers; the second is engaged in re-selling products sourced from local suppliers imported or otherwise in a total heath care solution approach.

 We’re located at Amenu building

Basement & 2nd floor,Swaziland street, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Number of Employees:- Total of 50 employees (35 full time + 15 in contract bases)

                                              PRODUCT RANGE

-Operation room.                                                     -Point of care testing

-ICU.                                                                            -in vitro diagnostics

-Obstetrics & Gynacology                                       -Ultrasound Imaging & Diagnostic ECG

-Point of care testing

-Reagents, Supplies and other laboratory instruments